Day 69

We have a walk along Da Nang promenade before breakfast – it’s a lot nicer than we expected.

I have a hangover.

But we are meeting Izzy and Cam from New York, in a bakery.

Cakes in Vietnam are delicious… and difficult to avoid but we’ve been trying.

It’s great to catch up with the New Yorkers, they are off to Hong Kong. But we hope to meet up when they tour Europe.

We then get a Grab to our Luxury Villa and Spa near An Bang Beach.

Its nice. But not a villa. Or a spa!

We head to the beach, it’s perfect. We swim and feel human again.

Early evening the beach fills up with people preparing food and laying out mats to sit on.

We try grilled, dried fish and spicy sauce.

So good we order more.

Then we go VEGAN again for food. On the beach front.

Day 70

We manage a run on the beach, first time in so long!!

After an egg breakfast, we decide beach again. Swimming and reading all day.

Evening we head into Hoi An.

Actually to do washing in proper laundry.

The plan is to stroll around and preview for a proper visit.

We find another VEGAN restaurant. Another helping the community.

This time it’s sooo good.

They do cooking classes but not really here long enough.

Hoi An is a heritage site. Beautiful little colonial streets, nice tailors and shops.

Then you get to the river. Its like Vegas.

Neon everywhere. Boat trips. Floating lanterns – some actually on fire, hope they didn’t make a wish.

Loud music.

A million people. We people watch as usual, but carrying 2 big bags of laundry we don’t stay long.

It makes us decide to stay by the beach for a few days before we head to Hue.

Day 71

We hire a motorbike again and after some work in the morning (and a run on the beach) we go to get a coconut boat ride.

We get hustled from the road, on the motorbike by a boat owner!

So we end up with our coconut boat picking us!

We get rowed about by the old lady of the family.

Expecting a gentle ride down the river. Pretty. Peaceful.

Its not.

We ride to hidden beach for the rest of the day. I didn’t have my costume.

Pete gets the sea to himself!

Day 72

We have a late breakfast and Pete does some work before we move hotels.

Not moving far. But this new one is lovely.

Much more homely and nearer the restaurants and the sea.

I get my nails done gain.. so far not been lucky with nails here. Keep chipping.

Day 73

Another beach day.

So nice just to spend a few days doing almost nothing except dip into the sea now and again and eat delicious food.


We eat on the beach – this time clam chowder.

The lady is famous on tik tok and has been serving clam and clam and pork gruel.. or rice chowder for 25 years.

Tastes soo good!

In the evening we have a late dinner at The Fisherman.



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