Day 12

Where do we start with the trip from Langkawi to Koh Lipe?!!

One word…’stressful’.

Unfortunately, when we entered Malaysia from Singapore, immigration never electronically or physically stamped our passports.

So when we came to board the ferry passport control had no record of us entering their country. We were illegal immigrants! <Susan started hair knotting….>

To cut a loooong story short, we somehow managed to get on the boat, despite the Captain wanting to leave without us.

I think we were going to be more problematic for them if we stayed and so on the promise of not returning there, we were given a stern telling-off and sent on our way.

…bad Susan and Peter. hour and a bit on the ferry and we arrived in paradise!

From the ferry, we were transported by little ferry boats to the beach and ‘customs’.

Literally melting in the heat we got our passports back and were picked up in a sidecar motorbike and scooted off to our hotel.

The vibe of Thailand is understandably more relaxed than Malaysia..the smell of Hash everywhere certainly contributed to the laid-back approach.

So off out to explore – stopped at beach bar for food and enjoyed the views – Sunrise Beach.

Pete spotted a rock / sports bar and we headed in – great live singer doing soft rock and classic Beatles – good voice if maybe not all the words were right, which somehow made it even better.

Day 13 – aka Being Brits Day

Spent the day on the beach under a big umbrella, all very sensible as it was boiling.

Got our first proper swim in the sea, avoiding a few jellyfish. But loved it.

Managed a wee walk along the beach for some rice and seafood (our usual) and …. that’s where it went wrong.

I used a wrap as a skirt, and hadn’t done the top of my legs or belly.. as I wasn’t getting them out!!!

Pete was expecting me to remember to do his back.

Redders… I’m a lovely patchwork of missed sunscreen blotches, Pete looks like his back has been sauteed – day under the shade, reading and watching the world go by tomorrow.

Day 14

Two weeks in and in a normal holiday, we’d be coming home now. 🙂

Up early for a run and to see the sun rise on er.. Sunrise beach. Feeling virtuous we go out drinking watermelon smoothies, iced coffee and people watching.

Wander about and see how the local [Urak Lawoi] original settlers actually live now. We pass through some of their poor-looking housing, surrounded by discarded/collected plastic bottles and broken furniture. They are not benefitting from the Islands success.

So we try to eat in two local places- the best one was too busy – the ones we opted for gave us tasteless tourist fodder. My pad thai was bright orange like packet sweet and sour!

Have a cocktail at a laid-back bar on Walking Street and meet some Danish locals (who were very high). They tell us we must see Sunset at Zodiac Beach..head there with our new friends from New York for the sunset fire show!

Memories – runs at sunrise, food hawkers on Walking Street, 10 baht coconut donuts.

Ko Lipe is the most Southern Island and is supposed to be quieter and unspoiled.

It’s like a Disney party resort!! With the poor locals stuffed in rundown centres  – the locals look quite rightly peed off. As would I be.

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