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Day 54

Finding transport from Kep in Cambodia, to Can Tho in Vietnam, proved a lot more time consuming than we hoped!

Just a cheeky 8 hours and 15 minute van and bus journey!

The saving grace was that everything went smoothly crossing the border.

Having a British passport actually helped this time. No visa or arrival card to complete.

I also got the chance to catch up on one of my audible books.

On the 3rd leg of the journey we were in a sleeper bus.

Not great for anyone over 5ft inches!

I was behind Susan and playfully patted my feet on her head (as you do).

Forgot that this was a big no-no in Vietnam/SE Asia!

Never touch anyone else’s head, and never expose/point your feet.

The guy behind us was horrified! 🤣

Finally got to our hotel. Hotel Nesta.

Nice and quiet at the end of a busy road, lovely pool, and a great buffet breakfast!

And good selection of fire extinguishers.

Ended up extending by another night.

Went for a meal in a massive sea food restaurant.

Susan had veggie food and I had Wagu beef 😋.

Saigon’s finest! The beer, not Susan..

Didn’t fancy any of the fish stuck in their tiny tanks.

I don’t think they get many Europeans, especially Brits around here, and we become a bit of a curiosity.

Waiter wanted pictures with us on the way out.

He probably only wanted one with me, but Susan got in on the act as well.

The kids here have lots going on.

So many young children and adults calling out to us to say hello and wave.

Again, one of the standout memories of our trip will be the warmth and good feeling of local people – without an expectation of money in return.

A little walk by the river.

Back to our room for a nice early 🌙.

Day 55

Enjoyed a lovely breakfast by the river before heading out to explore Can Tho.

Well, the edge of it anyway.

Since discovered Can Tho is Vietnam’s 4th biggest city.

Susan sporting her new headgear.

We found a little lady on the riverfront to take us to the floating market tomorrow.

Our own little sampan and a cackling, non-English speaking guide.

What could go wrong?!

Later that evening we ate mediocre food in an overpriced French restaurant.

Can’t win em all!

Day 56

The world famous Floating Market trip!

Up at an ungodly 4.45am after a crap night’s sleep, to get to the riverfront and our personal boat.

The trip was more fun, than cultural.

The floating market is a proper working market. Just with dozens of tourist boats weaving in and out of them.

Not the colourful, lily pad laden experience we imagined!

It was still worth going.

Captions on a postcard please!

So much rubbish in the river.

Our own sampan

Got back just in time to see a dead dog floating by us..

Back to hotel for 8.45am and breakfast. I’d been asked for feedback the morning before, so they delivered me a vegetarian breakfast.

Careful what you wish for.

Veggie breakfast of noodles, tofu and veg!!

Walked into town for Susan to get her nails done (shes so high maintenance) and me to get a beard trim.

Both exepiences were great. Susan especially happy with her new nails.

I had an amazing beard trim/shave for less than £1!

Spent the afternoon by the pool in a sleep deprived daze.

Managed a poolside beer whilst booking tomorrow’s bus trip and hotel for Ho Chi Minh.

Dinner was a vegetarian affair, which wasn’t too bad.

An early night was desperately needed and achieved.

All said.. we liked Can Tho.

3 days were enough, and we had a great hotel which cost less than £25/night over 3 nights including a top buffet breakfast




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