Day 7

Off on the luxury coach again to Penang. Another 5 hours that felt like 2, with food, tea, and a film.

First view..sea!!!

However, Georgetown is not quite what we expected. Dusty and kinda run down feeling..lots and lots of traffic. Its supposed to be a heritage site?!

Stumbled upon the Hindu festival again and were readying ourselves to watch when….ready for it.. rain stopped play.

So, to the pub and the hottest food ever!

Day 8

Long lie, then the best breakfast for me.. total Malay-style with little bundles of curried potatoes, cucumber with pesto, and fruit with lemon washed down with a fresh strawberry and mango slush.

Pete a touch delicate  –  eggs on toast for him.

Rest of the day wandered- mainly lost – around the colonial streets trying to avoid the cars, bikes and 6 foot drainage!!

Snapped lots of the art.

Pete found the fire station!

Memories – sprawling dusty roads,  faded art, Malay bite-size heaven breakfast. It was a touch forgettable 😞

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