Day 74

We get a beautiful scenic train journey up the coast to Hue. We try ‘soft seat’ class 2.

We were warned it would be noisy.

We get lucky and are seated away from the animated locals chittering away further down the carriage!  Loud, as we expected.

The train follows the coast, very very slowly.

Which allows for some pics. 😀

We are only here one night, which is a shame as our hotel is lovely and in the middle of everything.

We head up for a swim and we have a great view out over Hue.

Hue is the imperial old capital of Vietnam, with a lovely river running through it. We take a long walk along the promenade.

We love the city but not the motorbikes and pollution it comes with!

Just potter round the main food street at night. Hitting another trip advisor recommendation.. it was okay.

Day 75

We’ve all day in Hue as the sleeper train isn’t until 8.40pm.

After a great breakfast we wander to the river and come across the main working market.


Pete models his new muscle top.

We then head to the Imperial Citadel, buts its way too hot and a bit boring looking to go in.

We find a nice wee cafe instead.

When we back walk along the river we get accosted by boat owners constantly looking to take you to a pagoda.

We don’t fancy that but we opt for an hour private boat trip to the pagoda, but without getting off.

The wee woman is great fun and offers beers.

We don’t actually seem to get the pagoda at all!

Pete does some negotiating and we buy a t-shirt and a Chinese looking top for me.

Not that I was looking for a top like that.

Must have been the beer!

Tripadvisor tells us there is a very good vegan nearby, we find it and whilst the food is good, it has a hostel vibe. Lots of student types.

8pm we head to the sleeper train.

We board with high expectations as its the upgraded version. Newer, water bottles and cleaner loos.

And Pete discovers we can order food and drink to the cabin on this train!

He gets beers. Offers them to our other 2 roomies. But they just want the lights off.

No party this time. Lights out at 9.30.


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