Day 57

Can Tho to Ho Chi Minh by mini-van was a good trip.

Right at front, but driver wasn’t as alarming as most!

We are staying in the heart of the city, next to the market but on a really quiet street. No pool.

We head out to explore.

Although we are city center it has much nicer feel than Phnom Penh, cleaner and less cramped. Even though both are on the river.

Pete tried coconut coffee and haggled for a HCM football top at the main market. Still ‘had’ I think.

It’s so stuffy we find a nice park for a bit of ‘fresh’ air.

In the evening we head to the tourist street food market – not particularly authentic but clean and does veggie food.

On search for a food veggie bao bun, not successful yet.

Day 58

Today we are seeing the HCM sights.

Unfortunately, I took us to the Old Compass for breakfast, which was recommended by the rusty compass blog.

Supposed to be the best blog for Vietnam.

Western and over-priced.

Post Office first which is French colonial and actually still a PO.


Finally we send postcards.

On way to the Museum we stumble through another tourist point; Book Street.

They love books here ❤️

Another block on and Pete gets grabbed by one of the coconut sellers.

There was no escaping!

Nothing short of a mugging!

Then to the War Remnants Museum.

This is more about what Americans did to them, rather than details of the war.

It’s soul destroying, with graphic photos and testimonies. As well as reproduction sites.

We needed something a little less serious for the evening and booked an hour at the world famous water puppet show!

We got pretty poor seats at the back for the water puppet theatre at night.

In the end probably for the best as it was so loud; it was great though.

Totally bonkers, and a fun 45 mins of being a kid again.

Smiles on our faces, as we couldn’t help ourselves.

No idea what was going on!

Day 59

We get picked up and taken to a speedboat to visit the Cu Chi tunnels.

Blew the budget on this trip, but was worth it.

Our guide was Vietnamese but had watched a lot of Only Fools and Horses and Peaky Blinders.

His name was Chi, but he preferred Tommy!

Cu Chi was very, very busy, but our guide was well organised.

Anxiety inducing to be in the tunnels.

Thousands of people spent YEARS living in these tunnels below ground.

We did get a chance to actually go through some tunnels. They widened them for ‘international’ builds, but it still made your heart pound.

Afternoon we hit a mall to cool down, and see the City Hall.

Night time we decide we better at least see Walking Street here.

We hunkered down next to two old Vietnames men who were cheers-ing and sharing some food and lots of beer.

Pete had a kebab and beer before we decided it was too much for us oldies.

Really really awful – large nightclubs, open fronts, all competing with LOUD music. 20k a beer though.. about 75p.

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