Day 62

Probably the worst bus journey, in the worst ‘seats’ , in the country.

But we make it to Da Lat!

5 hours in a rickety bus with limited air con, it was like a sauna.

On top of that, we had 2 bed seats in a row of 5.

Basically 5 mattresses next to each other on a top bunk above another 5 poor souls.

The road was bumpy with loads of switch backs.

Beautiful scenery. We couldn’t see out a window to look.

Da Lat when we got there, was cool and pretty, surrounding a big lake.

We did the usual exploring.

Big market selling everything, especially fruit and vegetables and flowers.

Piles of strawbs and avocados everywhere
A whole stall of crotchet! Any home business they can think of is here.

There is also a huge area selling second hand clothes. I love it.

The street food here includes Vietnamese Pizza. Which we loved!

Circular rice paper on a grill, they mix up an egg on top, add laughing cow cheese(??!!) and toppings of veg and meat or shrimp.

OMG it was so good. Pete had 2.

We then spot a Korean gold coin stall.. a waffle really.

I only had 1!

Day 63

We decide this stop in Da Lat is about chilling. And spend the morning doing some re-planning.

We need fewer stops as we are getting a bit travel weary.

We aren’t going on any trips here.

Unfortunately, everywhere you go people try and sell you tours.

Feel bad for this one guy we speak to. So friendly and ends up speaking to us everyday.

He has a family to feed. 😞 The guilt.

We just set out on a long walk round the lake.

We stop at the Opera House.

Looks a bit disused, so vast and elaborate for a small city.

Head to the Oldest Train Station in Vietnam. We don’t go in after all that walk!

We miss the time for the train ride, so plan to return tomorrow.

It is beautifully kept.

On walk back, we have fried banana, in sesame seed batter from a street vendor.

It’s chewy and sweet and must have a million calories.

Delicious 😋

Night time we find a vegetarian near by, as last nights street food hated Pete. (Went through me like a Ferrari!)

Day 64

I have a migraine to start with. So we spend the morning indoors.

The room we have has a great view over the city, so we dont mind staying in.  (It didn’t photograph well)

After checking in to our new hotel, we head out for some brunch.

Found a lovely street food vendor from Google maps who sells delicious Banh Mi.

She starts work at 5am and looks like she’s very popular.

It really hit the spot!

We head back to the train station for the 2.10 train.

The station is small but its interesting to see the old pics. Its not changed much.

The train only goes up to Trai Mat and back. It’s 30 mins each way.

VIP 1 class for us.

The route is through a gazillion poly-tunnels and fields.

We know why they sell so much fruit here now.

At the end is Trai Mat, a totally unassuming wee village.

We are surprised to see it has a massive collection of pagodas and temples. Not what we expected at all.

They are highly decorate in what looks like broken crockery. Different to what we’ve seen so far.

Brief walk round as the train times only give you 30 mins. Not enough.

We walk back round the lake, stopping for a very naughty fried banana…again!

We tried a Google rated restaurant up a lane called Artist Alley.

You’d never find it normally as its also up 2 flights of stairs.

It’s a very good Chinese, almost british style. The food feels familiar, but a little bland. Our palates have changed.

The night life involves the market, street food and cafes so we headed there.

Like most places we’ve been, there isn’t a drinking culture.

It’s people watching central, which is what we did whilst Pete had ice cream. 😀

Too many motorbikes and too much pollution to make it really enjoyable.

Day 65

After an ‘interesting’ omelette and bread from our new Homestay hotel, we have a chilled morning.

A little walk down to the lake and of course a pedalo ride!



Very annoying that all that pedalling didn’t count towards our daily step count!

After a couple of overpriced drinks by the lake and a similar coffee, Susan found a place to get her toe nails done.

She seemed happy with the outcome, so all’s good 👍.

We do some afternoon mooching and eat some more very delicious street food.

In the old area of Da Lat there are lots of street sellers.

Even old people still try and make some money, there is no pension.

Whilst there us shopping to be done in the many vintage shops.

Only one for BIG LADIES like me.

We stop for a glass of Da Lat wine whilst in Da Lat, appears to be a double measure. 50cl.

Night time we watch a live show with the locals, it’s brilliant and the women and men get up and join in. I regret not joining then!!

We then buy probably the worst strawberries 🍓 ever.

They are everywhere here.

Soooo disappointing as they look great.

No wonder they give you chill sugar to put on them! Sour. Hard.

Back early for our big road trip adventure tomorrow!

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