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Day 9

This time Grab taxi, train, and local ferry to get to Langkawi.

Almost to plan, just tricky getting a grab that wanted to go outside of Georgetown and thought we will miss our ferry.


Second Grab taxi later and we were on our way.

The ferry trip was nice and easy and took just over an hour. But we see our second Monitor Lizard – this one swimming and 6ft..

Our budget accommodation here is like glamping, concrete tubes with an uncomfortable bed. And loo outside in a shed. Better than it sounds.

BUT it is in the most fabulous location!!!! 

Don’t move from here and have amazing tapas!

Something non-Asian for a change.. I miss the rice 🍚 😩 😢

Veges have no problem here!

Day 10

Go looking for breakfast along Chenang Beach.

Very hot but lovely quiet beach.

Don’t rate the resort town.. think of tourist food and clothes shops. Did find an amazing spot for omelette and coffee. Pete mad as he opted for 2 [yes 2] doughnuts in costa before we found it!

Them more time watching the sea, before heading out off for tea.

After trekking through the dark to find a local food place – it was closed!!! Instead we had to eat in a tourist street place, plain food accompanied by a Malaysian Duo doing Abba. Needless to say they were shite!

Day 11

Up early..ish for a day trip through the mango swamps.

It was a good little day trip out with a fish/veggie lunch. Went to see a fish farm where I (Peter) got to stroke a sting ray. All a bit depressing for the fish tbh.

We then went on to see and feed some monkeys, go through a cave full of bats, and experience dozens of beautiful eagles – sea and brown eagles native to Langkawi, and what the island is named after.


After lunch, we had a mad ride to a beach to chill out for an hour before the journey back to the hotel… in time for happy hour!

Overall the day was filled with amazing views and bouncing along on a very fast speedboat.

Watching the Brown and Sea Eagles was the absolute highlight and worth the trip alone.

Decided we couldn’t pass up on the amazing food at the tapas bar here – barracuda, sardines, and the most delicious veggies I ever tasted..must be the best non-Asian place on the island.

Good night’s sleep as Thailand we are coming to get you!

Memories – balcony sunsets, needing double mattresses to make the bed soft enough, plus best Spanish fresh fish tapas ever!

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