Day 38

Nice easy start to the day.

Breakfast at Jim Guesthouse.

Despite initial reservations about this place, we will be sad to leave.

The lovely, lady Thai owner – Jim, works tirelessly to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Her cats are too cute, and it’s just a relaxing place.

For £23 a night, including breakfast and drinking water, it’s hard to beat.

Thank you Jim ❤️

Jim Guesthouse

Onwards to Bangkok once again.

1150am bus with breakfast… too many e numbers to count!

This time it is “One night in Bangkok”.

The 3-hour journey was pleasant enough in our mini-van, despite it being suitable for people under 5ft 5 inches!

After checking into our cheap hotel, which was right next to the bus terminal, we decided to hit ‘downtown’ Bangkok and the shopping malls.

Not the best idea, as they weren’t very good, and overcrowded.

We did manage to get some US dollars to pay for the Visa into Cambodia the next day.

As the sun went down, local bands started playing.

All very entertaining!

Managed to find a nice food market, where I had the hottest pork- vegetable dish I’ve ever had!

We had the Thai speciality of mango and sticky rice with coconut milk for desert. So good..

A short tuk-tuk ride back to the hotel before hitting a sky-bar, conveniently situated around the corner to us.

This was another disappointment!

The clientele were..’dodgy’ and the cocktails were overpriced and watered-down, local spirits.

By dodgy Pete meant we sat next to a large table with a very loud party of ladyboys!

They clearly don’t love Elllie Golding and Taylor Swift as much as me.

Needless to say, we hammered them on Tripadvisor! lol

All-in-all an uneventful return to Bangkok, and not a city we’d want to spend any more time in, except as a transport hub.

Very much looking forward to going to Cambodia tomorrow and visiting Angkor Wat.

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