Day 39

Magically our room last night is right next to todays pick up point!

Giant Ibis bus company – we expect great things after talking to others.

No bad, but not a patch on Malay luxury buses tho – no tv!

Big push on safety from our host, no 1 safety record he said, then out comes a deckchair for him to sit on!

It cost us $35 each plus $5 for the bus company to batch-process our paperwork in to Cambodia – avoiding our Thailand entry drama and me throttling Pete.

The whole process was very easy – phew.

The change at the Cambodian side of the border is immediate. And not just that they drive on the right – albeit that seems optional 😀.

Thailand/Cambodia border crossing

A totally different style of driving – driver did not beep once in Thailand – it’s constant here as a way to say – I’m here!

It’s poorer, lots of school age kids not at school, cattle everywhere (including wandering across roads) and dust, lots of dust.

We land at the bus station and are immediately grabbed by a tuk tuk driver.

Before he sets off he tries to sell us trips and sim cards.

This is life here, we soon get used to it!

Our hotel is right by the river in the boho bit, its luxury by our standards, Riversoul Boutique.

Pete already looking out for cheaper one! But I love it ❤️

Evening wander and end up in Pub Street.

Good beer, people watching, see kids, and I mean wee tots, out begging and selling things for the first time.

So wrong 😕 , but it’s one way of making money and school has to be paid for.

Make the mistake of staying near here for food, my meal ok, Pete’s tasteless but worse then the LOUDEST, AWFUL MUSIC starts.

Hasty retreat. We are too old for Pub Street we decide.

Day 40

Lovely breakfast and swim in hotel pool before we explore Siem Reap.

Love the laid back vibe round the river.

Find a local place called Tevy’s that does great food and supports local girls education.

An old rusty Irish man volunteer keeps front of house flowing, and manages the queues!! It’s popular.

Day 41

Angkor Wat – not a made up word Sally!  – but one of the largest religious, archaeological sites in the world.

Our tuk tuk driver – ‘Geko’ got us there for 5am.

Pictures better than words.

Breakfast stop – local fish curry at 8am! Mmm. Fried eggs and bread roll for me. Amazing coffee.


Needless to say it’s an incredible experience and certainly one of our biggest highlights.

Evening is a bit crap as I have a migraine and we try out a posh place, renowned for its Khmer Cuisine- bland and crap.

Susan still manages a smile, despite the rubbish food!

Day 42

We shift hotels – cheaper – Pete has this challenge in his head to find gems at bargain prices I think.

£20 including good air-con, breakie and a swimming pool! 🏊‍♂️ ❤️

(You’ll thank me for it at the end!)

It’s a washing and chill day.

Go back to our local Tevys place, for lunch before heading to see some rats..not just rats but HeroRats.

These 🐀 🐀  find landmines.

Tevy’s again for dinner, as Pete is a creature of habit.

I have my first and second glass of wine of the trip… Happy!!

I had the best chicken burger and delicious draught beer – despite the unfortunate name!’s good for you.

I know we need to experience other places, but I could eat here every day!

Day 43

Day off, swim in our new pool, accompanied by the water boatman and a friendly 🦎.

Pick up washing and stop at Spoons for a healthy drink. Addicted to veggie and fruit shakes.

Spoons is a NGO that trains rural kids in catering, its not a Witherspoon pub!

Excited to find a Spoons the previous 🌙

Afternoon and evening strolling and just enjoying Siem Reap.

We eat Cambodia waffles made with rice flour, coconut milk and fresh 🥥 coconut. OMG.


Then later greek gyros, my first non Asian dinner since Langkawi. Sooo good.

We try to walk off the gazillion carbs and calories we ate today.

Back on Asia Cuisine tomorrow.

This is turning in to a food diary I know!!

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