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Day 31

Trip to Surat Thani – taxi then bus. No pics.. Nothing to see here.. move on.

Day 32


Up bright an early for our 9 hour bus trip to Bangkok.

Luckily I managed to book the bus for the correct day this time!

Not as plush as the VIP buses in Malaysia, but it’s comfortable and we get food and drink.

Bangkok will be a big cultural shift from what we’ve had over the last few weeks.

Our first venture out  we head to Khao San Road…back packers Street.

Its way calmer than I imagined.

Looks like any party street in Spain. Except selling spiders on a stick..  purely for tourists.

And places I won’t let Pete be lured in to…

Pete makes the big decision to get his tattoo done here and that calls for beer first.

I have such good fun watching Pete get it done.

Hopefully I won’t lose this one!

I make a new ‘friend’ in a very stoned bloke from Cornwall who is just hanging around. He likes older women.

Day 33

The Grand Palace calls, we head there confident we have the right clothes – knees and shoulders covered.

We are then sold big baggy elephant pants as my calfs are too alluring.

It’s beautiful but about 1000 degrees.

Pete then finds us a good shopping mall – and we tuk tuk there to enjoy air con.

Except its a 70’s mall selling collectable toys.. on all 6 floors.

Again Petes navigation rights are revoked.

Manage to get river boat back and find posh spot for dinner.

Early ish night as the day’s heat has beat us. 🥵

But not before a lovely meal overlooking the ‘singing bridge’.


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