Tomorrow we are departing for our 3-month trip to South East Asia, starting in Singapore.

It’s been a long time planning!

The idea behind the trip is to celebrate our early retirement and to kickstart our new traveling lifestyle.

We’ll be updating this site with photos, videos and a diary. Mainly to look back on, but also to keep some family and friends updated and to share our travels.

We’ve both packed and re-packed and below is the final version.. I hope!

I’ll let you know what I should have left behind.

My backpack weighed in at 8.5kgs which I think is pretty decent for 3 months away.

If I get bored I might list exactly what I’m taking, but you can see for yourself now.

One thing we have done is to take a neck pillow, empty the inside, and fill it with a towel and some clothes.

Peter’s back-pack. Far too many toiletries me thinks!


Forgot to include my North Face fleece


40L Osprey Farpoint backpack and a carry-on ‘stuff bag’

Enough to last a week – I’m the one carrying it!

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  1. Have a great adventure Susan and Peter, will be following. Happy new year and early retirement 🎉

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