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Day 66

Today’s the day we jump on our EasyRider bikes, travelling through central Vietnam to the coast of Nha Trang.

2 days and 1 night in the middle of nowhere..what could go wrong?!

We have an easyrider each, Jean (Chung) and David. They are our guardians for the next 2 days!

We stop off every 20 mins to see something and stretch our legs… or sit a hammock!

Pete’s christmassys come at once. Coffee plantation.

Sometimes it’s a temple or a waterfall but mainly we stop at small businesses to see locals at work.

Jean and David keep us entertained with info and stories.

I’m surprised to hear many people still see the U.S as saviours that came to help them win against the North and China.

Great stop at the Lady Budda.

There is some beautiful scenery. Reminds me of Scotland!

Our last stop for the night is Lake Lak. Next to the M’Nong village.

These are farmers and fishermen that still live on  the rivers edge in houses on stilts.

Cows and dogs lie under their houses to escape the heat.

Each evening loud speakers tell the villagers the local news.

We’re told our room is like a honeymoon suite. Vietnamese standard.

The guides take us for Vietnamese food.

Day 67

Next day is longer on the bike, less to see.

Most time they do the trip in 3 days, on a quieter road. But we need to head more of less straight to Nha Trang.

We do still stop to see peppers on the edge of a farm and a field full of sugar beat.

We have a final stop at the fisherman’s village.

But it’s hot and we ache and we just want to get to the next stop as soon as we can.

That feeling isnt helped when we see an awful 3 bike pile up. Really makes us rethink doing another bike trip.

In Nha Trang we booked the Apus Hotel following a recommendation from Lorna and Neal.

We say goodbye to our guides.

Nice roof top pool…full of kids! Pah.

£13 a night!

We walked aimlessly at night and ended in Market Street restaurant.

Great food options.. Banh Xeo, like an egg pancake filled with veg and prawns.






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