Day 15

Great start with early breakfast and head to the ferry. Turns out the ferry is a large speedboat 🚤  – for 3 hours.

It’s actually pleasant enough and goes really fast. (Funny that..being a speedboat!)

We arrive at Saladan pier and find a spot over the sea for lunch. OMG. mango sticky rice!

Taxi to our lovely retreat.. this is what I expected from Thailand!!

The beach is quiet, with lots of wee bars and food places.

Our new local for the next few days
One of many cat/dog photos! This one was so cute.
Uninterrupted sunset over miles of beach.

Night-time cocktails and food, surrounded by hermit crabs and a jumpy frog, and very friendly preying mantis that really liked Pete.

Ended the day in the clinic for Pete’s blocked ears – £200 later and I can hear again!

Can’t fault the service though. Means I have to stay out of the water for a few days 🙁

In bed by 10.30pm. End of play.

Day 16

Woken up at approx 5.30am by a dawn chorus of birds and cockerels!

Up at 6.30am for a morning run on the beach and some stretching/(pretending to be Yogis!)

Back for a pool swim (Susan) and then breakfast was delivered to the room. A good start to the day.

A little mooch down the road, got some cash out, and put some washing into the local laundry service.

Resisted the chance to buy some fuel..

We’re both just out of shot! 😉

We then headed to our local for an iced coffee and a bit of admin.

I’ve left my fire training company in the hands of my mucka Simo, who’s probably doing a better job than I did! Luckily I can do all the admin for it remotely and it’s working out very well.

After (work) we walked down the insanely hot beach to find some shade and contemplate life!

A little dip in the bath sea and a ‘nanna nap’ was the order of the afternoon.

Later in the evening, we walked up to ViewPoint Restaurant to experience some lovely Thai food and amazing sunset views.

Back to our hotel by 9pm and bed by 9.30pm!

Day 17

Up again at 6.30am for our now daily run down the beach and back, followed by some stretching and a swim for Susan.

If I don’t come back with a 6-pack, I want to know why! 😤

The beach is a mile long and home to a million crabs- it’s such a lovely time in the morning.

Crab homes.. and think the circles may mean hermit 🦀 🦀

Long walk down to another beach resort, stopping in a little fisherman spot.

The fresh coconuts are to die for. Plus you get to eat the flesh too. A drink and a meal in one!

Find the sandy beach, eat the most ridiculous pastries, plus more fruit smoothies.

We chill for the day to contemplate why we still have bellies 😉

Had food in our local, which was interesting! Not sure Susan got what she ordered 🤔.

Spicy as hell. The staff laughed hard at my tears and said they ‘didn’t think it was right’.. thai humour:)

Then the lovely owner also laughed and shouted “happy hour” – which it was. Good enough for me! (Pete)

Went for a walk down the street and ate some delicious Thai roti – pancakes.

Banana and chocolate… I deserved it after eating a chilli 🌶 salad….Pete felt he needed to support me by eating more than half!

A couple of animal photos later and we were done for the evening.

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