Day 68

We only manage a quick wander round Nha Trang again in the morning and a swim in the roof top pool. No kids this time.

Getting chatting to women in the pool, one tells us how she’s been using Trusted House Sitter. To stay in places for free!

2.40pm we board our first Vietnamese train. And its not one of the posh private ones!

Although we are in a 1st class sleeper.

We are top bunkers with two Chinese or Taiwanese people.

Pete’s s bottom half is a  throat-clearer and coughs a lot. Grim.

Pete manages to find a beer and we lurk in the passage way watching the Vietnamese countryside.

Then our whole night changes.

We meet a French man that has been travelling a year in Oz. Mullet. Beard. Rugby player.

We spend the next 4 hours in the food car with the locals giving us food and beer.

With the frenchman constantly shouting ‘Yo Vietnamese’ to the whole carriage and being a rugby type; eating a whole chilli!

It’s chaos, all cheers-ing and using Google translate! At least 6 cans each!

We are ushered back to our beds at 8.30pm.  Zzzz

We get in to Da Nang at 1am.


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