Day 34

Reasonable start to the day – loads of banana pancakes!!! – then bus for 3 hours. In a mini van with lap luggage.

I blame Pete.

Check in to Jim Guesthouse.

Jim Guesthouse

Lady Jim is lovely.

Swim in our new pool.

Walk thru the town.. which lets face it – isn’t a beauty. We do wander into a temple..

..and find the river front Sky Walk.

And the best little fruit smoothie stall, come massage palour….and Aussie bar selling wheat beer 🙂

So actually no too bad at all!

Did notice an awful lot of single men in their 50s. Maybe it’s for the history???

Day 35

We get another moped… loving them now and arrange driver for tomo.

Then we are off for the day.

First stop Bridge over the River Kwai.. the original one was wood and is long gone, the iron rail one they built remains.

Yes it’s surrounded by stalls now but everyone just trying to make a living here.

Its soo hot so, the Death Railway Museum in the town is next.

This is brilliantly set up but heart wrenching and very emotional.

Across the road is the war cemetery where many Allied soldiers rest.

It is immaculate.

In the evening we potter on the scooter and return to see the sunset from the Sky Walk.

We decide to eat in the Prisoner of War Camp!

Whilst it may be insensitive to many,  its a local place with local sellers and visitors, including the young.

Teens wouldn’t hang out at a museum.

We meet a lovely Thai seller with the best prawn fried rice.

Day 36

Long day trip starts with the Erwaran Falls.

Lovely jungle walk even if the falls a bit limp in the dry season. Lots of wildlife – 🦎 and 🐒 and a Hornbill!! All too fast to capture.

We visit the Hell Fire Pass museum, built and ran in conjunction with the Aussie Government.

Really hot and humid making you feel not even 1% of the misery these guys went through.

Howard Martin wrote about his time here

You can walk through the pass, carved out the rock by the POWs.

Lest we forget..

We then get droped off to board the Death Railway back to Kanchanaburi.

Slow and creaky.

The guard was a little serious.

We walk into town and have incredible Thai food, but it really does hate me!

Day 37

Back on the moped and off to climb 700+ steps at the Heavenly Dragon Caves, which is also a Temple.

Never too many temples.

We pass a beautiful burial ground  – assume it is Buddhist.

The first steps.. there were loads more..

The cave requires stepping into the dark..  Pete goes first- to make sure it’s safe!

Then we can’t resist a visit to the Giant Monkey Pod Tree.

It is exactly what they say… a big old tree. We buy ice cream.

Tootling back we spot a retirement home for horses.

Afternoon requires indoor activities  – we find a massage parlour. The most painful one yet!

I hear Pete groan a lot and say “don’t touch there”.. his ‘tattoo finger’ he tells me later.

It is followed by a moreish caramelly, chewy, crunchy, seeded big box of something delicious.

There are toooo many goodies on offer here!!

Night time is the Saturday market…chaos and noise and even more food of every kind.

Pete gets crispy pork. I fail with rubbery squid and crab egg.. which I thought was crab AND egg.

Local schools performIng. Of varying quality!

Tucked up in bed by 9.30pm, comparing who is the most sore after our massages earlier.

I kid you not, older Thai masseurs have the strongest hand strength known to man.

I felt like a rag-doll being mulled by T-Rex..!

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