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Day 18

We ‘think’ we have a routine [update, we dont] with another beautiful run on the beach, it is paradise here.

Soon on a tuk-tuk to our new accommodation – “My Home Lantawadee”.

We are upgraded to a Thai Villa!

Go for our usual exploration walk and decide on a Thai massage..

My (Susan) first ever..turns out it’s more like a yoga class with a small Thai pummelling your muscles before putting your body in a wholly unnatural position.

I enjoyed it!

Day 19

So another first..

Having avoided this for 51 years, Pete finally convinced me to get on a moped. Holding on for dear life is hard work.

Pete getting a lesson on filling up…and starting the thing.. whilst I slowly wept nearby. (Amazing how far you can go on 1 bottle of piss!)

We pop to Old Town Lanta. Quite arty and nice long pier.


We are finding everywhere has a walking street!

Quaint walking street but worst smoothies  😢😥 – we are becoming smoothie experts.

Then back on ped to bamboo beach in the south where monkeys wait to greet you – and then try and demolish your bike.

We saw one wee bugger ripping the leather seat cover off someone else’s bike.. I shooed him but he just growled back.. he won.

Bamboo beach was lovely. No bars. Few people. Warm clear sea and sand….apart from us humans ruining it.

Bamboo Beach

After swim, some wee monkey had pinched my scarf but we found it on the road on the way back north – luck!

I was loving the bike by the afternoon, stopped off to look at views, and then found a night market at saladan pier – only 20 mins walk – dinner for later!

Night Market was fairly typical – cleanest one we’ve seen though. Had street food and a beer, with a walk home.

None of our nights are late ones zzz; it’s brilliant being old and sensible

Day 20

The lost day.  Beach day followed by a spa massage – no pain for me. Pete went thai again.

Walked to night market and booked tour.

Hardly any pics today!

Day 21

This is my fav day so far!!!

Snorkeling trip to Ko Rok and Ko Haa – two uninhabited islands in the national park. It was just like the blue planet. Clear turquoise sea and sooooo many fish.

Booked the boat that went earliest, and we had most spots to ourselves before 10 other boats 🚢  arrived!

They’re pecks not boobs!

Once back realised as usual that the suntan lotion had worn off my legs and my bikini bottom line and thighs are on fire!! 

I’m in my 50s and can’t manage sunscreen arghhh.

Can’t hold. Breath. Any. Longer…

Tired, so walk to see the sunset and get food, then back to the hotel – we fall asleep soooo early!

It’s been lovely on Ko Lanta – lots of greenery and wilderness, eagles and noisy birds and creatures of the night.

Makes you realise that we have cut away all of that from ko lipe 😞

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