Day 22

On our way to Phi Phi Islands – famous for “The Beach” film and James Bond Island. Ferry /Speedboat at 8.30.. this time no drama!

Beautiful glimpses of the cliffs and beaches.

Come into the Harbour… First thing you see.. Burger King- then McDonalds poking out.

MckyD got there first then the wise local council allowed another monstrosity – BK – in front of what looks like was once a lovely swordfish statue-lined promenade.

No bikes on Phi Phi (there are) – pass through the main tourist bit – heaving!

Thankfully J J Bungalows are 5 minutes back, and the throngs are silent.

They are building a new water processing site and central sports plaza just near us, which is noisy but far enough away!

Hit our first beach for an explore.

Book snorkeling for tomorrow – early bird to see Maya Beach before the crowds.

They have stopped any swimming there and made it a national park.

Tripadvisor selected food in the evening – Pirates Inn – Indian.. pretty average. Must ignore TripAdvisor!

Day 23

Good sleep as up for boat trip 5.45am.

Omg. It’s a story. Crowds, waiting around… guides feeding the fish and monkeys and screaming all the time to follow him. Eurgh. 

Maya Beach is beautiful though! Pristine and like the film, no sharks spotted 😞

Sadly the day mainly consisted of crowded snorkeling with sea lice (jellyfish larvae), animals being chased around by our guide – and a poor lunch completed the day.

Did see a monitor lizard and a friendly snake on Bamboo Island.

Been spoilt on Ko Lanta I think – was soooo perfect!

Redeemed by great food in the evening (Garlic 1992) followed by cocktails with Cami and Isa – our New Yorker friends!

Day 24

Today was a lazy day, after lots of sun yesterday so we hide out.

Back up for a run and swim in the morning and a fabulous breakfast – must stop taking pics of food!

On the way to get lunch we are treated to trooping monkeys outside our room!

Late afternoon we venture up to The Viewpoint.

Lots of Instagram-worthy statues and objects. Beautiful sunset 🌇.

Night time another food spot – Massaman curry was lovely – but it really didn’t like me, so we headed home for an early one.

Day 25

Beautiful!! Up for a run and then on the beach all day!

Snorkelling off the beach was soo much better not as many fish, but still loads,  but we saw a black and white conger eel!! And no jellyfish.

However, I did handover our washing, which leaves me wearing Pete’s swimmers for the day!

I look so British, bit like Perry of Kevin and Perry fame.

Sun is down by the time we walk back across the sea bed as the tide is going out.

Night time we meet in with our New Yorker friends and venture into the beach party area!

Totally bonkers and it was only early.

As old people, we watched in horror at the pished young ones launching themselves at a flaming skipping rope!

Everyone of them got their feet whacked by it, but ran off laughing. Youth!

Few beers then time to say goodnight as we head to different places tomorrow.

Isa and Cami. It was a blast meeting you guys. Hope to see you again somewhere!

Memories – Phi Phi Cats everywhere, monkeys just trooping up on the street, Long Beach, our newly found American friends, and the snorkeling right off the shore.

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