Day 44

Another bus, another day!

This is a long un – 6 hours.

But we enjoy them, comfy with ‘sugary’ refreshments. Chance for Pete to work and me to ‘people watch’ through the countryside.

Getting to love our Giant Ibis journey’s!
Service station. Not a patch on Moto – Scotch Corner!

We spot the Tonle Sap River, we’ll be overlooking this from our hotel for the next 2 days or more.

We have a rooftop infinity whirlpool and brush off the journey there for an hour before heading into PP.

We’ve decided we are now officially “flashpackers”!

It turns out we are on the edge of one of the red light districts, which also happens to be one of the main tourist areas with the Riverfront, Grand Palace, Night Market and a major temple all within a short walk.

Game of two halves tonight. We go for food in the night market.. big, big mistake.

Worst food I’ve ever tasted! 😫

Pete’s crab salad has a half-cooked full crab that has been torn into bits. It’s all lukewarm and brown looking.

Mine wasn’t much better!

We instead go to a Vegan Dosa restaurant, our second favourite meal here so far!

Pani Puri and Dosa are things we need in our life back home. 😋

End the night on our balcony, watching the ‘hostesses’ calling to men from the bar across the street.

Day 45 – Second half of our SE Asia trip!

Up early to spend the day learning about the tragic times with the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot.

First though it’s an interesting tuk-tuk ride.

Killing Fields then the S21 Prison which is now the genocide museum.

It’s really graphic and horrendous – what we do as humans!!??!

The S21 Prison is where people were tortured before being sent to the Killing Fields.

It used to be a school, before Khmer Rouge took it over.

School rooms knocked through and makeshift cells, each 2 ft across added
There were rooms and rooms of these faces.
Hanging torture equipment, previously known as the High school rope gym!

Only a handful of people made it out alive.

Have to escape the heat and the smog into a large mall.

Pete has his first-ever sushi!

Evening we are on a 90min cruise to see where the 4 rivers meet, including the Mekong.

Beer and fruit included! Great sunset too.

Told about land being sold off to Malays and Singaporeans, local people kicked out. This is starting to be a sad theme here for the Khymer people.

New bridge to posh hotels on reclaimed land – built by Singapore

To minimise risk we eat at the hotel looking out over the city from the rooftop bar.

Our view – this is the best way to see PP, from the roof! Too busy, and hate to say, seedy for us.

We opt not to stay another night and hastily book the bus and hotel for Kampot.

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