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Day 28

We spotted a local ‘bus’ the day before, to Mai Khao, which is a really quiet part of Phuket in the North, so make our way to where we ‘think’ it starts.

We are in luck. Bundled in with the locals!

90 mins in the back of a cart, with a mile hike with backpack at the end as we were dropped off the wrong place – fun!

We land in our first proper bungalow – we can cook!

This place is dreamy – butterflies, birds, and dragonflies.

We manage a trip to buy some eggs to do breakfast and spend the day by the pool.

Day 29

Eek 4 weeks in!

We are off down the beach- another one – but this one has no parasols and very few people. It’s 11k long and we swim in peace.

Long hike down tree shaded path brings us to the airport to watch planes land!

Day 30

We hire another motorbike.

Love this one- its white and slower, maybe. Or maybe Pete is just getting better at driving!

Head to see a turtle sanctuary.. genuinely looking after deformed turtles. Albeit in the Marriot Hotel.

Fabulous lunch and tootle round the beaches, lakes, and countryside.

Monkey Mike Beach Bar

Then to a children’s charity home, which also happens to have a Michelin restaurant.. we had coffee.

Still too full from lunch, we see probably the most perfect sunset and eat Thai roti in the street.

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  1. Can’t believe it’s been a month already!! What an amazing adventure you’re having.

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