We don’t get snow very often where I live. Once every year or three, and it’s not usually heavy when it does snow.

I get that not everyone appreciates the snowy/icy conditions.

However..I love it! 🙂

When you don’t see snow very often.. except on holiday, I get quite excited. (yes I’m a bit sad like that!)

It reminds me of when I was young, and how excited I used to get, playing out in it.

This week on the East side of England, we are experiencing what the weather forecasters are calling; “The Beast From The East


We are a nation totally obsessed with the weather, and any extremes are massively over exaggerated.

When extreme weather does hit, our infrastructure doesn’t cope very well. Schools shut, transport suffers and roads become ice-rinks.

Checkout this newspaper headline:

“Hundreds of schools close as ‘Beast from the East’ blankets parts of Britain in snow:
Chaos as Siberian blast ‘feeling as cold as -15C’ sees motorways grind to halt, trains cancelled and shelves cleared.”

We get a few centimeters of snow and it’s like Armageddon!

However, It’s an excuse for many people to finish work early or ‘work from home’.

I’m working from home today (as I usually do anyway) and have jumped at the chance to take some photos of the garden whilst the snow is falling.

And as I bought a new camera last year, all this snow is a good opportunity to try and get a bit ‘arty’ with some of the shots!

I’m quite pleased with how these came out..although a professional photographer would probably tell me they’re crap otherwise!

I used PicMonkey (an online photo editor) to enhance the exposure and colour for some of the photo’s.

PicMonkey is just brilliant at bringing photographs to life and perfect for sharing on your blog.

The camera I have is a Sony A6000 Mirrorless.

It’s a great little camera, especially for beginners like me!

I did A LLLLOT of research regarding SLR and Mirrorless cameras. The Sony A6000 ticks all the boxes for a beginner and has some great instructional videos on YouTube.

Anyway..I loved being out in the snow this morning in my back garden.

These ‘snowy scenes’ don’t come round very often, and I’m delighted to have caught some beautiful images.

Back to what I was supposed to be doing now!


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