Celebrating the end of Dry January!

It’s February 1st.. and I’ve completed my Dry January challenge.


Actually it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be at the start.

Let’s be honest, January has to be the easiest month of the year to go without a drink.

Even so, thirty days (and counting) without consuming any alcohol has got to have a positive effect on my body and overall health.

There have been a few occasions when I really would have quite liked a glass of red, or one of my favourite beers, especially last weekend.

During the challenge I declined a social night out with the boys because I hate going out and drinking diet coke or J2O all night.

I also had a meal out one Friday, and found it very strange not to have an alcoholic drink with it.

The wife was pretty supportive on the whole, despite a couple of times when she had a glass of red wine with our meal.

It definitely makes a difference when your partner is able to support you.

On the whole I’m delighted to have completed the challenge and will certainly being doing it again next year.

Keeping Tabs

Going forward, I generally want to cut down on the amount of booze I drink.

Not that I drink that much anyway, I’m more of an occasional binge-drinker.

I’ve decided to keep track of what alcoholic drinks I have.

Starting from today (1 February), I’m going to record my units of alcohol on a weekly and monthly basis.

I can include January easy enough!

You could say it is a yearly challenge, and probably a lot more difficult to complete than I’m thinking!

Gunna give it a go anyway.

Anyone else partake in the Dry January challenge?


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